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Making games, discussing software, sharing source. is a game and software development site - turning bits and bytes into logical blocks, in order to produce interesting, meaningful user experiences. Please browse around and see what you can discover.

Making Games

A big part about is making games - experimenting with ideas, and publishing playable prototypes. Check out the latest featured games and send us feedback via twitter to let us know what you want to see more of.

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Connected Worlds

Project Maid

Test Subject Gamma

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Several years after I started a refresh of ... I've finally promoted…


Discussing Software

Software is core to the content of this website, including approaches to software development, visualisations of software, software automation, and engineering best practice.

Sharing Source

The source code for the projects and tools on this website can be found on github/mkv25-games. Go there to learn more about the projects and look at the code that makes them tick.